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These days, more people are realizing that the food that is purchased in the grocery store is not necessarily healthy.

Most animals, including chickens, are raised in factory farming type environments and injected with hormones, antibiotics and other potentially harmful substances that are not meant for human consumption.

Raising chickens is becoming increasingly popular, as both a hobby and as a healthy food source.

Many cities have changed their by-laws to allow residential homeowners to raise chickens on their properties.

Not only is it more cost effective; it sends a strong message to factory farmers that we don’t want what they are selling; it’s also a great way to lessen our carbon footprints.

It is a challenge, though, to make sure that you’re doing everything correctly, particularly the incubation, as it is an intricate process and you must have the perfect conditions to make sure you get as many eggs hatched as possible.

Fully automated incubators will increase your chances, but they are extremely expensive. The Incubator Maker e-book shows you how to build your own incubator, and takes you through the process step-by-step in order to increase the number of eggs that hatch.

Advantages of Raising Chickens

There are many benefits of raising chickens, including having an organic food supply, fresh eggs every morning that taste better than store-bought and being able to have a sustainable food source.

Incubation is an important part of raising chickens as it ensures an endless supply of food for years to come. Chickens are also fun to watch, as they each have their own distinct personality.

They will eat leftover human food, their waste can be added to your compost and they will eat and ‘pulverize’ weeds and leaves for you. They even eat grass, so you can cut it less often.

They are considered low-maintenance, as they don’t need to be walked, brushed or trained. Feed them a few times a week, ensure they have enough water and let them roam free in your back yard.

Why Build an Incubator?

You can purchase an incubator from several stores, both online and offline. To get the fully automated incubators that take the least amount of work, you will likely pay thousands of dollars; in fact, these are the type that professional hatcheries use. While this will likely net you the most hatches, it is out of the range of most people’s budgets.

Less expensive incubators are available, but they are completely manual – meaning you will have to turn the eggs several times per day, check the temperature and humidity and keep a close watch on the eggs at all times to make sure that they are in optimal conditions on a 24/7 basis.

This takes much time and effort. For 21 days, you will be living and breathing un-hatched eggs. If conditions were not optimal during the incubation period, you may end up with just a few hatches, or worse, none at all.

Building an incubator is much cheaper, more effective and you can build it using materials from your local hardware store. The Incubator Maker shows you in great detail how to build your own incubator.

What You’ll Learn

The Incubator Maker will teach you how to build an industrial quality incubator for a fraction of the price, using simple, every day materials. The book lists all of the materials and tools that you will need to build your incubator.

You will also learn some industry ‘secrets’ on how to ensure you get the most hatches out of each incubation period. Humidity management, temperature control, ventilation system and automatic egg turner systems are also discussed.

You’ll learn everything you need to know in order to hatch your eggs with an incubator, even if you are completely new to the process.

Who Can Benefit

Anyone who is interested in raising chickens as a hobby, or for profit will benefit from the Incubator Maker program. Whether you’ve been doing it for a few years with some success, or you are completely new this program will teach you not only how to build your own incubator, but what you need to do in order to be successful every time.

The incubator is only one part of the process; you need to know other things such as keeping the optimal temperature and humidity levels, how often to turn the eggs, what to do if problems arise, etc. This e-book will teach you all of that and more.

About the Author

Mark Samson was a science teacher who experimented with incubators while trying to demonstrate to his class. He quickly found out that he could not afford the ‘best’ incubators available on the market; the ones that are fully automated.

He bought a cheaper one, and had dismal results; only 2 of the 12 eggs hatched, and those chicks ended up dying. Mark was introduced to one of his student’s neighbors, who explained that he used to work for an incubator manufacturing company.

The neighbor took his knowledge and was able to build incubators for less, using products you can easily buy from a local hardware store. Mark was impressed to say the least, and studied the fundamentals required for successful hatching using incubators.

He put all of this knowledge together into one system, and now makes a living teaching others about this method.

Money-Back Guarantee

The Incubator Maker comes with a full 60-day money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product for any reason, simply request a refund and you will get your money back, with no questions asked. In effect, this makes purchasing the product entirely risk-free; plus, you get to keep the bonuses.


The e-book is complimented by a set of step-by-step videos; this allows you to see the author building an incubator from scratch.

The program contains not only a materials list that you will need to build an industrial-style incubator; it teaches you some of the most important aspects of building an incubator to ensure a hatching rate of up to 95%.

The e-book is written in simple, everyday language that is easy to understand. It is more than just an e-book on how to build an incubator – it’s a comprehensive system for understanding exactly what you need to do in order to ensure you get the most chicks out of each incubation period.


The Incubator Maker comes with several bonuses. The e-books are entitled, “Raising Chickens and Other Birds”, “Building a Chicken Coop”, “Incubation Tables”, and “Hatching Analysis”.

Together, these books will give you extensive knowledge of how to care for your chickens, how to choose the right breeds, and how to make sure your food supply is sustainable for years to come.

These are yours to keep even if you request a refund. They will be instantly downloadable once you’ve purchased the Incubator Maker. You can print the e-books, or read them from your computer or mobile device; or, you can print the sections you are most interested in.


The Incubator Maker is a timely program that many people are interested in, as more people become aware of the dangers of store-bought poultry and eggs.

The program comes with a full 60-day money-back guarantee, making it a risk-free investment.

The combination of e-book and videos give consumers a varied approach in how they learn the concepts.

The e-book is written by a knowledgeable science teacher who has first-hand experience in building incubators that result in a 95% success rate; the videos are further proof that he knows what he is doing.

The program can be used by both novices and experienced chicken hatchers alike.


The Incubator Maker is strictly a digital product, making it difficult for those who don’t have access to a computer.

While the program says it teaches you how to have a 95% success rate, it should be noted that nothing is ever guaranteed; there are many different factors that will determine the success rate of your hatches.

It will depend largely on how closely you follow the instructions and advice given by the author.

Consumer Reviews

Most consumers who have purchased the Incubator Maker have been giving it excellent reviews. Most buyers say that they are able to hatch the eggs at a level of at least 93%, and some higher than 95%.

The consensus among consumers seems to be that the e-book is very easy to understand and the videos are extremely helpful. Most people say that they built their own incubator within a day, often within just a few hours.

Many consumers have said they were surprised at how easy it is to build using normal supplies that you can get almost anywhere.


At the time of this review, the Incubator Maker was available for a price of $37. Several forms of payment are accepted, including VISA, MasterCard, PayPal and Discover.

Once your payment has been confirmed, you will be directed to the download page, where you can access your product and bonuses. There is no indication of if or when the price will change.


incubator ebookIf you have always wanted to raise your own chickens and live a healthier lifestyle, the Incubator Maker may be for you. It contains some solid advice on not only how to build an incubator, but how to raise your chickens in an optimal environment.

If you have never owned chickens before, it’s important to first check with your city to ensure that there is a by-law in place that allows you to raise them in your area.

Otherwise, your purchase of the Incubator Maker may be for naught. It also makes a great gift for anyone you know that lives on a farm or raises chickens as a hobby.

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